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Natural and special tears arrived in Pyongyang the next morning. Accompanied by North Korean arrangements, we arrived at the Wanjingtai Scenic Area, southwest of Pyongyang, the birthplace of the founding leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea, Kim Il Sung. In front of Kim Il Sung's former residence, which consists of a few simple thatched huts and a small courtyard, the interpreter dressed in Korean national costume explained to us. Within a few minutes, the announcer's eyes were red. When the Korean translator was translating, tears were pouring down. I was surprised for a moment. Later I realized that there were three words in Kim Il-Sung's words from time to time.
In the afternoon of the third day in Pyongyang, the press delegation visited Pyongyang's Wan Jing Tai children's palace. We went to the national dance, ballet, violin, accordion, calligraphy, painting, embroidery activity room to observe and interview. In Pyongyang, these children's extracurricular art training classes are all voluntary entries, free of charge.
After watching the children's rehearsal performance in the accordion teaching activity room, a reporter who knew Korean accompanied us interviewed a little girl named Quanya Zhen. When the reporter asked her in Korean, "Can you sing a song for us?" The sunny 13 year old girl answered with great generosity. Suddenly, her young, crisp, sweet voice was floating in the classroom.
Suddenly, her throat was choked, her eyes were rosy and her tears were falling. It turned out to be a song praising Chairman Kim Jong-un: "We can't live without him." His kind Friendship flowed in our hearts, and his breath warmed our hearts day and night. Secret Pyongyang: the love of leaders is more than Quan Yazhen who wants to practice accordion in the children's palace.
The leader, like the fan in front of Pyongyang in August, is in midsummer, hot and hot. The DPRK has arranged for us to visit the Liuyuan Shoe Factory, North Korea's largest shoemaking enterprise, which is also a star factory visited by Chairman Kim Jong-un. Liuyuan Shoe Factory Engineer Ren Yixiong led us to a three-storey shoe workshop. We climbed up from the first floor to the third floor and visited the workshop on each floor. There was no air-conditioning in the spacious workshop, only a few household fans slowly swinging sparsely, one by one young simple worker in the assembly line tension skilled operation, the head occasional sweat.
Each floor of the three-storey factory has a standard and special layout: a huge oil painting of Kim Jong-un, the current leader of North Korea, is visible in many places on the front wall of each floor, and a vertical electric fan is on the right side of the portrait: a cold wind blowing the painting. It's like cooling the summer for it.
At the Liuyuan shoe factory, facing the leader like a cool-blown fan, a young worker named Park, who is operating on an assembly line, told me that Pyongyang's electricity is tight, especially in summer, and that they are used to working in high temperatures. He pointed to the portrait on the front wall of the workshop: "The leader is looking at us, and we feel as if the leader is with us, working with great energy. Chairman Kim Jong-un encouraged us to produce more sneakers to meet the needs of the people when he inspected our factory.
The afternoon before leaving Pyongyang, we visited the "Main Ideological Tower" built in 1982 on the banks of the Datong River to commemorate Kim Il Sung's 70th birthday. Then the announcer, Zhang Chunying, took us by the tower elevator to the top of the tower, which is 184 meters high, overlooking the panorama of Pyongyang. Revealing Pyongyang: The love of the leader is more than the poetic picture of the Datong River reflected by the sunset of the ideological tower of the imaginary subject. Zhang Chunying, dressed in a red skirt and green clothes, is plain, elegant and light. In the sunset, beauty and happiness bloom like flowers on her youthful face.
Zhang Chunying, 34, graduated from Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang with a degree in English and a self-taught Chinese major, is now a fluent bilingual interpreter at the Main Ideological Tower Management Institute. She told us with a smile that she had a six-year-old daughter in kindergarten and her husband, an ordinary civil servant, who was married seven years ago and given her a new 90-square-meter apartment free of charge. Revealing Pyongyang: The love of leaders is beyond imagination. Zhang Chunying
Speaking of the current living conditions, Zhang Chunying said: "Under the leadership of the great leader, Chairman Kim Jong-un, we are living a very happy life. The government has arranged everything for us, housing, medical care, children from kindergarten to high school, university education are free of charge." You speak Chinese so fluently, have you studied in China? " I have never been abroad. I will go to Beijing to see Tian'anmen Gate, climb the Great Wall and see the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. Instead, she asked us curiously, "do you young people in Beijing get married? How large is it? "
I was dumb for a moment and then reacted immediately: "In the past we had a housing distribution system, but it has been abolished. The housing conditions of the Chinese people are much better now than in the past. Young people usually buy their own houses by mortgage. They can have their own real estate. "Mortgage?" Her face was vacant. Indeed, the word "mortgage" is somewhat strange to Zhang Chunying, who lives in Pyongyang. On the gallery of Wanjingtai Children's Palace, the leader of the mind hangs pictures of student talent activities, one of which is particularly conspicuous: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un leans over a young girl with a childish face, just one head above the calligraphy desk, and looks intently at her grasping proud words.

Three months from now, the e-commerce law will be formally implemented, and sensitive buyers are already aware of a slight difference in the market. The e-commerce law, which lasts five years and has been consulted three times and examined four times, will come into effect on January 1, 2019. As China's first comprehensive law in the field of e-commerce, this legislation has clearly defined the business qualification, tax payment, penalty standards and other aspects, but also defined the responsibilities and obligations of e-commerce platform operators.
This means that the "era of individual purchase" is coming to an end, the future purchase market will only be the main business operators. In September 28th this year, many purchases were regarded as a node. On the other day, there was a large queuing queue for waiting at the Shanghai Pudong Airport, waiting for a review.
Many purchasers who were not in Pudong Airport on that day looked at the circle of friends in the same trade. They were both lucky and afraid. Tongtong, who was engaged in buying Japanese cosmetics, was one of them. Friends circle is crazy that day is purchasing "dark day", most of the people checked are human meat purchasing. According to Tong Tong, the source of purchasing goods on behalf of the sea Tao, human flesh, friends and so on, sea Tao and human flesh are the two most commonly used ways to buy foreign products. "Hai Tao" is the buyer's own Shanghai Tao website to buy, without the purchase, "human flesh on behalf of the purchase" is the greatest risk.
According to Tong Tong, the situation in the last month can not be said to be good, in the customs detention is "tragic", "before 10 customs detention 1, now 10 have to be detained 9." Individual shoppers are clearly aware that many people choose to grab a handful before the door closes, vowing to earn three years in three months. Yang Qiongxuan, a Beijing girl, is one of them. She decided to stop for a while from January 1st next year and not be fooled enough. "Nobody knows what the e-commerce law will look like after it is implemented. Let's wait and see. We can't try it by ourselves."
In Yang Qiongxuan's view, now "not found is good luck", but the risk of buying human flesh surrogate is indeed growing, "we this kind of human flesh surrogate to buy in order not to be found, generally choose to remove the box. In the physical store can pick up the goods to buy the hotel to open; can only pick up goods from the airport to the airport to open the box.
In the interview, many people who are engaged in the human flesh substitution industry said that with the implementation of the E-commerce law, many substitutes will choose to wait and see, and some will choose to hoard in this period of time, but the risk of pressing goods is also very high, "in order not to press goods, as long as not losing money out, now no one knows the specific circumstances of the E-commerce law." Let's wait and see for a while. " Yang Qiongxuan said.
It is worth noting that, unlike micro-merchants and Taobao sellers, they sell their own products overseas, so in addition to the need to have a business license, but also to ensure that the import tax compliance. So how did the buying and selling merchants in the past be taxed? A businessman in the deep farming and purchasing industry for many years analyzed to reporters the differences in purchasing methods among the three main types of purchasing agents and the taxes they would incur in the process of making purchases:
The first is for overseas merchants to purchase products directly to China. Purchasing agents are mainly overseas, usually overseas students. When domestic consumers order, overseas purchasing is done locally. There are two modes of sending products back to China: 1. Mail them directly from overseas to consumers; 2. Send them to domestic warehouses and then forward them to consumers. However, in either case, the products enter China through postal channels, and if they are inspected, they will be taxed in the form of postal duties.
The second is for Chinese purchasers to purchase goods from abroad and bring them to China for sale through commercial platforms and social channels. The main body of purchasing agent is in China. Usually active in WeChat friends circle. Such purchasers will collect the needs of users, and according to the needs of users to purchase the corresponding products abroad, and bring them back to the domestic, and then shipped the products to the purchased consumers. When purchasing products into China, if they are inspected, they will also be taxed according to the mode of postal tax.
The third is purchasing goods from Chinese distributors directly from distributors. The main body of purchasing agent is in China, and the sales channel covers the social platform and the electronic business platform such as Taobao. The source of the goods comes from distributors at home and abroad. When a product is purchased by a foreign distributor, it needs to be mailed from abroad to China and then sold, where it is taxed by postage. When products are purchased from domestic distributors, purchasing agents do not have to directly assume import duties. Of course, it is even more difficult to check the authenticity of products when purchasing goods from domestic distributors.
An import e-commerce practitioner argues that the main tax problem in the consignment industry is that the consignment takes advantage of loopholes in the tax inspection rate to import goods for personal use into China and then sell them to consumers. "If the volume of such products imported by loopholes in the inspection rate is particularly large, it is undoubtedly the use of personal channels for commercial purposes. Such behavior will be exposed to everyone's eyes when registration is registered. Law enforcement officers have the right to pay taxes on behalf of consumers. The practitioners said. "A lot of them are still transported by human flesh, more people, everybody share a little, or you help me bring, I give you a little reward, these are open secrets."

The "eleven" golden week just passed is an example. According to the data, 726 million tourists were received throughout the Golden Week this year, an increase of 9.43 percent over the same period of last year; domestic tourism revenue was 599.98 billion yuan, an increase of 9.04 percent over the same period of last year; and the number of outbound tourists reached 7 million. At the same time, public cultural places such as museums, science and technology museums, art galleries, libraries, cinemas, theatres and other public cultural places have witnessed peak passenger flows. Physical consumption is becoming more and more high-end, intelligent and personalized.
Economic growth promotes consumption upgrading and strong consumption. Otherwise, it becomes an important driving force for China's economic development. In this virtuous circle, many experts believe that "consumption downgrade" is not consistent with the facts, more self-ridicule netizens, China's consumer upgrade trend will not be reversed.
"China's potential is still huge. If we persist in reform and opening up, the general trend will not be reversed." Qin Shuo, co-chairman of the China Business Civilization Research Center and an observer of humanities, finance and economics, believes that there are three main trends in China's consumption in the future: first, service-oriented consumption is growing; second, the motive force of Chinese social retailing belongs to the "post-80s", "post-90s" and "post-00s"; third, the depth of China's market and the rural population is still 5.77. At the county level and below, the branding of jewelry, bedding, clothing and marriage bed is becoming more and more obvious.
In the face of the opportunity of upgrading consumption, how can entity businesses seize opportunities and create phenomenal products? Qin Shuo said that a lot of consumption is based on the scene, to create a cultural taste, lifestyle, leading consumers to feel the temperature.
In Jiang Ming's view, enterprises should refine the innovative format, empower traditional business with new technology, and at the same time establish a good business ecosphere.
Qi Jie, president of Wanda Business Management Group, said that under the promotion of consumption structure upgrade, online and offline deep integration, experience scene cross-border creation, service quality reconstruction and upgrading, has become a new development trend. Entity business is undergoing unprecedented profound changes: the development of new formats, the use of new technologies, create new scenes, try new models, change new management and so on.

Today, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Social Work Committee that recently, the "Beijing Municipal Community Workers Management Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "Management Measures") was officially issued by the Municipal Party Committee Office and the Municipal Government Office. "Management Measures" further standardized the salary and treatment of community workers, clearly this year, the overall salary of community workers from not less than 70% of the city's average wage to 100%, the average monthly increase of nearly 3000 yuan per person.
It is understood that the "Beijing Municipal Community Workers Management Measures" is a revision of the trial method in 2008, which clearly defines that community workers should adhere to the professional and professional development direction, establish and improve the community full response service system, strengthen community workers'work responsibilities such as serving the residents, standardize the assessment of rewards and punishments, salaries and treatment, selection and employment. Management matters such as withdrawal provide system guidance for the construction and development of community workers.
According to the Beijing Municipal Social Work Committee, there are currently 36,900 community workers in the city, with an average age of 39.7 years, 92.4% of them have a college degree or above, and 31.5% of them have obtained the National Social Worker Professional Level Certificate. The construction of community workers has been highly valued. Five times in ten years, social workers'salaries have been greatly increased. Especially this year, it is clear that the overall salary of community workers has been raised from 70% to 100% of the average salary of workers in this city, with an average monthly increase of nearly 3000 yuan per person. According to the calculation of the average wage of the city's workers, after this year's adjustment, the city's community workers should be paid an annual per capita wage of 100,000 yuan.
Apart from the improvement of salary and salary, the "Administrative Measures" also specifies that we can unimpede the professional development space of community workers by directionally examining and enrolling civil servants from excellent Party secretaries in communities, and proposes to establish and improve the community full response service mechanism, stipulating that "the community should determine relatively flexible commuting time and each according to the actual situation." The number of shift workers, arrange public holidays and holidays to work on duty, and through appointments and other forms of uninterrupted, full response to the community residents "and so on.